Fiscal Year ’23 Kickoff

Options for Justice has successfully kicked off another exciting year! Fiscal year ’23 will prove to be more successful than ever as we strive to support individuals who have a developmental or intellectual disability. Our team of passionate and dedicated staff are armed with so much information about available community resources, possess critical information on navigating the justice and service delivery systems, and have the strength of amazing organizational partnerships behind them. Their experience, hard work, and creative approach to problem solving provides a recipe for positive outcomes.

This is only possible through the generous support from our funding partners:

The Productive Living Board of St. Louis County

The Developmental Disability Resource Board of St. Charles County

The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources

Community Opportunities of Lincoln County

These important partners ensure that your tax dollars are invested in quality community programs which impact the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Through this funding, individuals increase their independence and quality of life. Options for Justice uses this funding to help individuals understand and navigate the confusing justice system and to become successful, contributing members in society.

Happy FY’23!

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