Case Management, Coordination, and referral services are offered free of charge at any point along the individual’s encounter within the justice system. This can be when an individual is initially charged, during incarceration, in court, and during probation and parole. Navigating these systems in the best of situations can be difficult, but when you have a developmental or intellectual disability it can be especially challenging! Options For Justice Case Coordinators help people understand their rights and responsibilities during their encounter within the justice system. The organization does not focus on the precipitating circumstances that brought this person into the system, nor do we advocate that an individual does not uphold their responsibilities to society and others. Our focus is designed to ensure that the individual and all parties involved understand the unique concerns and strategies which might be necessary to promote a successful outcome to their situation. Participation in our program will increase the likelihood of follow through and prioritization of court appointed directives for these individuals and can change their situation from crisis to success. This can directly impact the probability of not reoffending or decreasing the length of an individual’s connection to the justice system as they work to become contributing members of society.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We are a unique organization – offering supports that are not readily duplicated by other organizations in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We are always excited to talk about the important work that we do at Options For Justice and we are excited to collaborate with other organizations and professionals as we work toward a common goal.